Exercise: the strapline


Your brief to is to illustrate photographically three different advertising strap lines of your choice. The images are for use as a double-page spread magazine advertisement and also in a bus shelter campaign. You can use existing slogans but, if you do, you should avoid replicating the imagery that currently accompanies them – do something quite different. Alternatively, you could make up your own slogans – or ask someone to make some up for you. Or use a combination of the two. The important thing is to get the imagery and the text to work with each other.


For reasons too dull to go into here, I’m stuck indoors at the moment and so unless I wanted to postpone this exercise I had the choice of either shooting new pictures indoors, or using archive shots. I chose the latter.

Red Bull

  • Signifier: extreme sports
  • Signified: energy
  • Studium: general scene of diving board and young people
  • (my) Punctum: how far away the jumping figure is (Photoshopped BTW)


  • Signifier: continental cafe scene
  • Signified: simple, relaxed lifestyle
  • Studium: customers enjoying their coffee in a relaxed ambience
  • (my) Punctum: the far away look in his eyes


  • Signifier: lone, static man in busy scene
  • Signified: the moment a journey starts
  • Studium: the bag stands out clearly as the subject of the ad
  • (my) Punctum: slight rightward tilt of his head (looking where he’s moving towards)