I got my assessment result email this morning – I passed with 73%.


I’m VERY pleased with that. I really wasn’t sure I was going to hit those dizzy heights, I must say.

Assessment criteria

  • Demonstration of Technical & Visual Skills
    • “Complete fluency of technical and visual skills.”
    • 25/35
    • Pleased enough with that mark, though I’m not sure about “complete fluency” (if it was complete, I’d have got a higher mark…)
  • Quality of Outcome
    • “Highly effective work presented in a professional way, showing strong judgement. Highly effective grasp of ideas and communication of visual ideas.”
    • 16/20
    • Delighted with this, the highest relative mark of the lot… I put a lot of thought into the work itself and presentation online and offline, and am glad it paid off
  • Demonstration of Creativity
    • “Very good synthesis of analytical and creative thinking. Creative, takes risks with imaginative and successful outcomes. Evidence of a developing personal voice.”
    • 17/25
    • Relatively speaking the lowest mark compared to the maximum available, and this is not a huge surprise – taking risks and stretching my creative muscles is something I only really started to get comfortable with during this course
    • Very pleased about the reference to developing personal voice – I do think I am getting there, slowly
  • Context
    • “Very articulate and self aware, very well researched. Demonstrates a developed intellectual understanding and criticality.”
    • 15/20
    • I like that, it makes me sound clever :-)

Overall comments

I won’t quote these verbatim but will pick out a couple of phrases that resonated:

  • “This is very professionally presented submission, showing great attention to detail and pride with your work.”
    • So relieved to see this – I can now admit to a recurrent anxiety I’d had ever since sending the parcel off to OCA that I hadn’t put all the photos in the right order! Turns out I was just being paranoid. Does anyone else have this?!
  • “It will be good to see you continue to explore more challenging and sophisticated ideas, as you have with the ‘calendar’ assignment, where you took the opportunity to take a creative brief and really make it your own.”
    • This I took as gentle encouragement to be a little more confident in pushing myself creatively – my experimentation over this course was tentative and uncertain at times, but I do feel like I’ve finally crossed over into being more confident to take risks

Just realised, passing this means that I have officially completed half of the degree.

Next I need to finish Documentary – onwards!


12 thoughts on “Result

  1. helen 05 April 2017 / 14:58

    Absolutely fantastic – very well done!


  2. Jane 05 April 2017 / 19:55

    Congratulations! well deserved as I know you put a huge effort in to this. You’ve set the bar high!


  3. Kate 05 April 2017 / 20:28

    I’m thrilled for you, what a great result, reflecting all the work that you’ve put in. You’ve actually made me a little nervous for mine now, and I’ve not even finished my course yet! Somehow I was hoping that all you got back was a score….


    • Rob Townsend 06 April 2017 / 09:34

      Thanks. Ooh no, you get snippets of feedback. Not a huge amount but usually encouraging :-)


  4. lynda512863 12 April 2017 / 22:02

    So chuffed for you Rob – that is a great result! I can’t believe you are half way through already – we were all doing C&N just a short while ago.


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