Assignment 5: tutor feedback

Due to circumstances beyond her control, the tutor report back from my Assignment 5 (oral presentation) arrived a little while after the tutorial itself, and I confess that I have had the report a little while myself before getting around to writing this up. I’m reworking the assignment itself today, so this seems like an opportune time to go over the feedback and add my own comments.

General comments

Overall it went down well:

“I found your response to this assignment quite refreshing Rob – the presentation was structured and presented clearly with a pleasing visual treatment, which I felt strengthened its accessibility and my enjoyment of it.”

I was reminded to be more consistent and thorough in documenting my visual analysis:

“Remember to keep building up the depth of your research notes on written assignments as well as practical ones – especially re: image analysis and critical theory relating to illustrations you decide to work with – particularly relevant to the next and final assignment”

Specific pointers

Some pieces of advice, with my comments as appropriate:

  • Section intro slides left blank for up to 20 seconds – some reviewers commented on this
    • I will experiment with reducing this time in rework
  • Add list of illustrations to Acknowledgements slide (original version has photographer names only)
    • Good point – will do
  • As noted by some peer comments – the vocal has a certain echo, that if you have the time and resources, you could consider re-recording
    • Yes, I do intend to re-record now I have identified how to attach an external microphone directly to my computer
  • Daniel Meadows’ example images don’t really align with voiceover point about being non-judgemental / democratic, as boy on left looks ill-at-ease
    • Agreed, there are better supporting examples so I will update this slide to replace that image and ideally add more
  • Although you’ve clearly put a lot of time and research into this assignment and reflection is certainly well evidenced, I don’t feel specific research (into your sources or images) is logged as clearly as it could be. I would say it would be worthwhile writing any of these notes of critique and analysis up and tag clearly in the appropriate section before assessment.
    • Yes, accepted – I can augment the existing notes somewhat
  • You have posted several updates with the planning of this assignment, documenting concept and structure development, questions you’ve had and how you’ve dealt with certain challenges. This is a very useful record, which you’ve managed to make visual with use of screenshots and image ‘boards’ – I particularly find the latter useful in how it alludes to the criteria you’re setting yourself and patterns you might be seeing across certain images. As the actual text for this post is quite short, it would have been fantastic if this could have been followed up with further reflection on final images used (from later in the process), as you don’t refer to them specifically again.
    • Again, I concede that I could fill in some of the written gaps in my decision-making process
    • I have added more notes in the preparatory post I did shortly before completion

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