Assessment submission planning

Last night I had my final assignment feedback session with my tutor Helen, which I will write a post on very shortly. Today I’ve started on a plan for getting from here to assessment submission in the next two weeks or so. It sounds tight but I’m still studying pretty much full-time so I am currently confident of getting everything done in good time.

My outline plan is in two parts: online and offline:


  • Rework assignments as per tutor feedback:
    • Assignment 1: mostly reworking the book layout (done)
    • Assignment 2: mostly adjusting my artist statement to clarify context and intent
    • Assignment 3: ditto
    • Assignment 4: potentially look at producing an actual calendar (still unsure if this adds much)
    • Assignment 5: redo a couple of image choices, add list of illustrations, re-record voiceover
    • Assignment 6: rework central section to reduce breadth and add depth of visual analysis
  • Complete feedback responses for Assignments 5 and 6
  • Upload 6x tutor reports to blog and OCA account G drive
  • Research presentation materials and methods (more to follow)
  • Add introductory static page to blog posting to assignments


  • Order book for Assignment 1
  • Decide on presentation materials and method
  • Order presentation materials
  • Print sample images
  • Design supporting collateral
    • Covering letter (or similar)
    • Section introductions
    • Photo labels
  • Decide method of displaying academic assignments
    • Assignment 5: DVD, memory stick, other?
    • Assignment 6: printed essay
  • Decide and source any other packing materials
    • Outer box
    • Foam etc to secure internal contents
    • Ribbon?
  • Collate everything
  • Send it off!

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