Assignment 6: essay plan

I believe the research phase of my critical review has come to an end, and it’s time to corral my thoughts into shape. The first step of this is to draft out an essay plan, to give a sequence to my line of argument and to assign approximate word counts to each section.

Working title

Stretching the Moment: overcoming photography’s temporality problem

Essay plan

  • Introduction
    • Establish argument
    • With quote? tbc
    • 200 words
  • Define terms
    • Narrative
    • Narrativity
    • Ambiguity
    • Fact vs fiction
    • 200 words
  • Narrative theory
    • Dots vs gaps – cognitive effort
    • cf literature
    • Mental modelling  (Shore)
    • Encoding/decoding (Hall)
    • State-process-event (Wollen)
    • 250 words
  • Topical time techniques
    • Long shutter
    • Multiple exposure
    • Composites
    • Examples
    • 150 words
  • Contextual techniques
    • Supporting text
    • Caption
    • Embedded text
    • Juxtaposition (series / pairs)
    • 250 words
  • Intrinsic / formal techniques
    • Composition
    • Directional reading
    • Tableaux
    • 250 words
  • Extrinsic / cognitive techniques
    • Lending a past / future (Berger)
    • Signification – metaphor / metonymy
    • Cultural references – identification
    • 250 words
  • Application to own practice
    • Past
    • Future
    • 200 words
  • Conclusion
    • Refer back to opening argument
    • 200 words

Total word count based on this plan = 1950, so I have a little wiggle room built in.

Next steps

I’m going to do a first draft of all of the above sections today, with the possible exception of the introduction and the conclusion as I may add these in at a subsequent draft.

4 thoughts on “Assignment 6: essay plan

  1. Sarah-Jane Field 12 December 2016 / 10:42

    I’m watching with great anticipation and looking forward to reading the end result and feedback. This way of being is so alien to me. It’s fascinating to see each step outlined so clearly


    • Rob Townsend 12 December 2016 / 10:46

      Ha, thanks! I confess that this way of working is relatively new to me too, I’ve only done one critical review before, a couple of months ago – and I made so many mistakes on that… to the point where I ended up scrapping the whole thing and starting again with a blank piece of paper. But this time around I’m taking on board a lot of the advice I got from other students on the Documentary essay, and the planning on this one is going more smoothly as a result…


  2. Sarah-Jane Field 12 December 2016 / 10:49

    I may well ask you some questions at the end of it all to support my UVC A5 essay which is currently a swirl of ideas in my noggin and scribbled notes in several places pertaining to language and structure


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