Assignment 4: tutor feedback

I had the video tutorial on this assignment with my tutor Helen a few weeks ago, so this is very belated due to various delays between me and my tutor, plus a holiday in between. Better late than never.

I will post the full report as part of my submission prep but here I summarise the key points from the feedback.


  • Generally successful online presentation
  • Print submission had acknowledged colour matching issues (printed by external lab)
    • Lessons already learned in terms of mistakes made
    • e.g. colour profiling, soft proofing workflow
  • Calendar construct distracted from images a little, maybe work better as standalone images
    • Tweaked to lead with standalone images in online presentation, with calendar format pages as a secondary presentation
    • Will determine combination of standalone and calendar format prints before final submission
  • Cover image needs some rework re sensitivity of subject matter
    • Re text presentation and in terms of its tone jarring with the inside pages
    • Need to prepare the viewer better for inside concept and tone
    • e.g. phrase ‘Wish you were here’ needs to come across a less tongue-in-cheek – try different typeface styles
  • More information needs to be provided about the planning and production process
    • Need to provide more preparatory information, more “layering up the pathway to the final work”
    • Particularly around the post-processing work to embed the name text into the images – very important, as the method of producing the digital manipulation was not initially clear
    • I did a post explaining how I’d planned and constructed the images, after posting the assignment itself (I wanted to see how successful the image manipulation was…)
  • Research into external context and related works needs to be documented:
    • other responses to tragedies (generally)
    • other responses to Nice attack specifically
    • text embedding/manipulation techniques
    • visual language of calendar format etc
    • I wrote this up after the tutorial and it can be found here
  • Generally – need to see more reflection on assignment-specific:
    • Planning
    • Ideas development tests
    • Workflows

Coursework & research

  • Good to see exhibition reviews but must make sure that standard of visual analysis evident in section 3 is maintained
    • e.g. Eggleston review could have featured deeper analysis of observations made: he’s “good at capturing facial expressions” but why, what’s the evidence/ examples – how does he achieve this? what does it tell us? etc
    • Identify different qualities of photographs and photographers and draw conclusions
    • Identify commonalities with contemporary practitioners e.g. some of Eggleston’s portraits resemble Alec Soth’s aesthetic – analyse how and why E. might be an influence on S., etc
  • Keep the same (high) standard of visual analysis and level of detail of ‘enquiry’ throughout all research work
    • Try to carry through the standard of stronger analysis posts across to all research

We also briefly discussed Assignments 5 and 6 and agreed that these are progressing OK at this stage (indeed, Assignment 5 is already submitted).


3 thoughts on “Assignment 4: tutor feedback

  1. Carol Street 14 November 2016 / 10:50

    Well done Rob, you must be pleased with this :-)

    Really interesting to read how much more depth with regard to coursework/research/assignment planning + prep is needed at Level 2 – something I will need to work on if/when I ever get there! So thanks for the detailed info – really helpful.


    • Rob Townsend 14 November 2016 / 10:52

      Thanks! Yes, Level 2 is definitely a step up, not just in terms of the academic side as in reading, but also demonstrating your planning and working processes. I get pulled up on this a lot… Or maybe that’s just my particular tutor…! :-/


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