Assignment 4: second shoot plan

I am shortly nipping back out to Nice for a couple of days to get some more images for the calendar assignment ‘Wish You Were Here’, so I thought it a good idea to articulate what shots I am missing so that I don’t need to go back a third time!

The brief requires seven images:

  • A cover image
  • 6 images for inside pages, each to cover two months

As a reminder: my concept is a series of ‘touristic’ scenes of the south of France resort Nice, with a secondary layer of significance of the embedded names of 86 victims of the Bastille Day terror attack.

My communication intentions are threefold:

  • First reaction: I want viewers to see aesthetically pleasing scenes (‘pretty pictures’)
  • Second reaction: then look closer and see the dedications inscribed in each image
  • Third reaction: I want there to be connoted meanings in the images, pertaining to emotional responses to the incident, e.g. loss, grief, resilience, optimism, peace, harmony, love etc

I need to get 14 or 15 victims’ names embedded into each of the six inside images – I intend to leave the front cover image as a generic ‘pretty picture’ scene. I have a few in mind from last trip but will equally keep an eye out for new opportunities.

Shots in the bag

So far I think I have three usable images from my last trip (when I was only half-thinking about this assignment, if I’m honest – otherwise I could have got it all sewn up in one visit) but would look to shoot better versions of the same scenes if time permits:

1. Blue Chairs

Blue Chairs
  • Name embedding method: as graffiti on the slats on the back of the chairs
  • Connotation: loss (implied by the couple on the left and the solo woman on the right)

2. Flowers

  • Name embedding method: price tags
  • Connotation: bereavement (signifier flower = signified funeral)
  • I may reshoot this one, or if not then crop on to the right

3. Postcards

Postcards (work-in-progress)
  • Name embedding method: as resort names on postcards
  • Connotation: missing a loved one (‘wish you were here’)

Planned shots

I have in mind three further executions of the concept. I’d prefer to have four so I have a spare! Maybe inspiration will strike when I’m back over there.

4. Menu

Note this is not my own image, I borrowed it off the internet…

Menu concept example (by Flickr user Daxis)
  • Name embedding method: as menu items on the board
  • Connotation: resilience – getting on with everyday life

5. Boats

Boats (draft image as example only)
  • Name embedding method: as boat names
  • Connotation: tradition, heritage, pride, defiance
  • This shot is a failed attempt from the last trip – can’t see enough of the boat names

6. Pebbles

Pebbles (old shot as example only)
  • Name embedding method: handwritten on pebbles
  • Connotation: strength, resilience

That’s it unless I have another idea.

Wish me luck…


4 thoughts on “Assignment 4: second shoot plan

  1. Holly Woodward 25 September 2016 / 10:23

    Best of luck, Rob. What a good excuse for a quick trip to Nice. Looking forward to seeing what you come back with this time. BTW, I like the way your images refer only tangentially to the disaster. The subtle referencing is emotive, but without being maudlin.


    • Rob Townsend 25 September 2016 / 12:03

      Thanks Holly. I like the way you put it there – it’s a good description of the reaction I want to evoke – I might quote you in my write-up if that’s OK :-)


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