Exercise: Implicit and explicit, pt 2


Part 1 is here.

Use the analysis techniques that you’ve developed during this course to produce your own images for a product of your choice. The images must have a message that this is delivered through interpretation of the image. How will they do this?

  1. Produce an image for a product of your choice that is implicit. Choose a product that has currency and a history that can help feed your ideas and approach to the project.
  2. Produce an image for a different product which is explicit. Choose a product that is quite new and has a very limited history, preferably none. Develop your idea for an explicit message-based campaign.

Do some research into the market for your chosen products and include this in your learning log or blog. Provide evidence of the development of your ideas and the decision-making behind the final images. Produce one image for each product.



Perhaps one of the best-known users of implicit advertising at the moment is Specsavers, with their ‘Should’ve gone to Specsavers’ campaign. They employ humour to imply that the subject of the ad has poor eyesight.

My attempt:



I went with the Leica Q, a relatively new (2015) camera with no current advertising material. When Leica does advertise, it tends to emphasise its heritage and engineering quality.

My attempt:

Leica Q



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