Research: semiotics

This is a quick post – little more than a link and a brief mention of a book really – but I wanted to demonstrate to tutor/assessors that I haven’t completely overlooked the Semiotics section of the course notes!


Last year on Context & Narrative I spent quite a lot of time getting to grips with semiotics, followed by some further investigation into structuralism and poststructuralism – detailed in this post. Rather than repeat or summarise here I thought it best to refer back to this analysis.


The best book I have found that explains semiotics in a straightforward way is Sean Hall’s This Means This, This Means That (2012). Every concept is given a visual example and clear explanation.

My current reading (Williamson’s Decoding Advertisements and Packard’s Hidden Persuaders) is helping me to apply these concepts to advertising in particular.

That’s all I intend to write up specifically around semiotics in this section, although it will no doubt be relevant throughout the rest of this part of the course. I just wanted to document that I have a reasonable understanding of the subject!


Hall, S. (2012) This Means This, This Means That: A User’s Guide to Semiotics. London: Laurence King.


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