Assignment 3: tutor feedback

I had a very good tutorial with my tutor Helen and had some really useful discussions on the assignment and my progress in general. We also discussed my proposal for the critical review assignment, but I will cover these in a separate post shortly.

I will post the full report as part of my submission prep but here I summarise the key points from the feedback.


  • Both online and print presentation good and clear, no major issues
  • Some technical challenges acknowledged
    • e.g. consistency of skin tones, overdose of green leading to colour toning issues
    • But addressed reasonably given limited shooting opportunities, first attempts at this kind of work
  • Consider value of captions: more contextual detail would be useful (both online captions and print labels)
    • e.g. name and role – could help viewer to read the picture
    • Alluding to conceptual choices
  • Statement: use full allocation of words and consider including elements such as:
    • Personal motivation/interest
    • Summary of working process
    • Aesthetic choices
    • Think of this as what would be printed on the gallery wall to accompany an exhibition
  • Working to self-imposed parameters on image style led to continuity in ideas
    • But with downside of some images being overly static – variation only really came into third shots
    • Bespoke ‘action shot’ of Tim works best out of the set – looks most natural – others are more obviously posed
  • Planning and preparation posts are thorough and show a good level of self-analysis and process experience / awareness
    • Action: bring the key points from preparation and reflection posts (e.g. decision- making; challenges faced and addressed) into the Self-evaluation section of the assignment submission itself


  • Maintaining high standard of earlier sections – need to keep it up
  • Research: good to see use of checklists in analysing images of others
    • Practicing this helps to develop understanding of visual language
    • And helps build up consistency of analysis where certain considerations will become routine
    • Consider image analysis along lines of: Content – Construct – Context
  • Reflection post on self-doubt / self-improvement (challenges of level 2 study) was good to see – self-analysis, continued research and higher standards all push one to think more laterally, pay more attention to details, identify what ‘works’ and why

My thoughts

I’m happy with the feedback and enjoyed the discussion with Helen. This was yet another assignment outside my comfort zone – I may have said that for every G&M assignment so far – but I’m increasingly realising that getting out of your comfort zone is a valuable part of the learning experience.


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