Getting started on Portrait Photography


Some sections on OCA courses fill me with dread and I usually find it useful to jot down a few words on why. This way I can articulate my concerns, which in itself can often have the effect of lessening them, as well as capturing some thoughts to check back in with at the end of the section. It’s usually less scary and more enlightening than I expect upfront.

Anyway – Portrait Photography is one of those sections. There are a few reasons that I am unsure how this section will go.


Firstly, portraiture is simply not my preferred genre. Maybe it’s because I’m an introvert and I think extroverts might be better at getting the best out of their sitters; maybe it’s because I worry about doing the sitter justice – I want them to like the result! – and a lot of people are portrait-phobic and hard to please.


More practically, I have an aversion to photographic lighting. It’s quite hard to articulate why! I much prefer natural light. But I don’t think it’s just about a preference, I think it’s a case of not being familiar or comfortable with the equipment. In the past I’ve simply avoided studio lighting-based projects for this reason. But it’s time to bite the bullet I think.

I’m going to try to borrow or hire rather than buy equipment as I’m unsure how much I might ever use again, but I guess this is fairly normal.


Like many people (I assume) I’m not looking forward to the drawing exercise. I can’t draw. That’s why I took up photography :-/

That’s enough for now. I’ll come back to this post at the end of the section.

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