Assignment 2: tutor feedback

I had another excellent Skype tutorial with my tutor Helen and had some really interesting discussions on the assignment and my practice in general. It was very positive yet at the same time challenged me a lot in terms of my clarity of intent and execution – which was very useful.

I will post the full report for submission time but below I summarise the key points I took from the feedback.


  • Online presentation perfectly fine
  • Print reproduction quite good but still need to watch for potential colour casts – need to just spend that bit of time experimenting with colour correction on the files pre-print and make tests to come to own judgement of best treatment/colour balance
  • Good logging of background preparation – thorough ideas development; exploring various strategies and conducting tests – but skipped a couple of key decision points which would have covered some the subtleties of final execution decisions
  • Articulation of key ideas not as immediately clear as they could have been:
    • e.g., if ‘tunnel vision’ aspect is important, consider versions on black rather than white b/g? more dramatic, dark
    • Need to weave into artist statement text better indicators of rationale for visual qualities, e.g. white b/g (emptiness vs darkness)
    • Choose words carefully to reinforce rather than complicate the key ideas
  • Alternative execution possibilities to try during rework:
    • Black b/g as noted above
    • Close-ups of products to minimise context
    • Full-size images i.e. lose the vertical letterbox crops


  • Generally good, especially the artistic styles exercise (although I really didn’t like it myself!)
  • Research: I still need to go deeper into visual analysis of images of photographers being researched
    • Tease out what is strong about quoted images and how/whether it can be incorporated into own work
    • e.g. what visual qualities do Maddock’s III images have that the assignment submission does / doesn’t? (b/w vs colour, minimal background, contrast, shadows etc) is this deliberate / justified?
    • Will help to develop ‘visual vocabulary’

My thoughts

I’m quite pleased about the feedback as this was another assignment way outside of my comfort zone. I do need to put more thought into articulating my intention clearly enough without spelling it out too literally – I will work on this.

I like Helen’s suggestion of making a couple of checklists that will hone my practice in certain areas and help me to build on ongoing feedback:

  • Assignment prep/compilation checklist: key messages, text, sequencing, checking back to original intent etc
  • Analysing images – own and other photographers: styles, visual characteristics and their effects etc

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