Assignment 2: shooting plan

To follow on from the last post on getting my props ready and starting to think about locations, I spent some time yesterday scouting actual locations for the shoots.

Today I need to plan out which items I will place where, as I intend to do the shooting tomorrow.


I have found a number of locations that could take the surreal introduction of a packaged foodstuff, and started working out some of the principles I would keep in mind for the shoot, to help with the overall intended message (the impact that worrying about feeding yourself has on your mind).

Vantage point

One thing I realised was that most of the locations I found have a road or path in the background. I plan to use this in the vantage point of nine of the ten shots, connoting the ongoing journey. Then I will shoot the final shot (at the food bank) straight on to connote the destination.

Shot by shot plan

I’ve slightly amended the mix of props per shot since the original props post, partly as I’m seeing better physical connections between props and locations and partly because I’m seeing more logical groupings between foodstuffs.

This is the current plan (subject to change, of course):

  1. Cereal: on bus stop timetable board
  2. Beans: on top of gas meter cupboard
  3. Cup-a-soups: in phone box like adverts
  4. Tinned veg + rice pudding: on top of bollards
  5. Instant mash: under a car windscreen wiper
  6. Pasta: in cubby hole in brick wall
  7. Pasta sauce: in open door (ajar)
  8. Tinned meat and fish: on a bench
  9. Apple juice and tinned fruit: in branches of a tree
  10. Teabags, milk, sugar and biscuits: outside food bank

So by this time tomorrow I hope to have all the shots in the bag and ready for processing. I have a few different ideas for processing to support the intended message.

To be honest my biggest concern is being spotted by quizzical local residents whilst taking photos of food in strange public places! I’d better take out my student ID card with me…


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