Assignment 2: props and locations


My Assignment 2 concept is to illustrate the effects of food poverty on a person experiencing it.

The execution plan is to scatter the contents of a three-day emergency food parcel around public locations.

The effect for the viewer is something between (a) hallucinating foodstuffs in odd places and (b) a kind of grim own-brand treasure hunt. I’ll let the viewer decide which – both work with the underlying intent.


Here are the contents of a three-day emergency food parcel for a single person.

Food Parcel.jpg
Food parcel

As the brief requests 10 images I had an open question on how to place the foodstuffs in the public locations, with three options as I saw it:

  • All items in every shot
  • Divide the parcel into 10 portions and place one portion in each location
  • Divide the parcel into 10 portions and cumulatively build up the parcel i.e. 10%, 20%, 30%… up to 100%

I ruled out the first option as a bit cumbersome and repetitive.

I think I’ve also ruled out the third option (but not totally sure yet). I’m erring towards the second option, equally dividing the props across the 10 locations. Whether I choose the second or third option, the next step was to divide the parcel into 10 approximately equal and sensible groups.

Food Parcel segmented.jpg
Food parcel – segmented
  • Soups
  • Vegetables
  • Beans
  • Fruit juice and desserts
  • Cereal
  • Milk and biscuits
  • Pasta and sauce
  • Meat and fish
  • Tomatoes and instant mash
  • Coffee and sugar

{EDIT: swapped the coffee for tea – more British]

These aren’t set in stone as to a large degree I will end up going with what I think looks right in each location. I do want to try to match the shape and/or contents of the foodstuff to the location – somehow.


I’ve begun scouting locations but to be honest haven’t yet decided on 10 sites.

I have some images pre-visualised:

  • Cereal box, for some reason, I always see in a bus shelter
  • Instant mash, because it’s flat, looks like it might work well under a car windscreen wiper
  • Tins I can see balanced on top of road bollards
  • Something (haven’t decide what yet) might look good in an old phone box
  • Ditto on a park bench
  • Ditto on a narrow path/passageway
  • The final image should be outside the food bank – currently thinking the coffee (to denote ‘welcoming/friendly’)

I plan to finish location scouting and come up with a provisional shooting plan tomorrow, with a view to shooting on Monday/Tuesday next week.

More to follow…


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