Exercise: Photography as illustrative art


Choose a famous or favourite piece of narrative poetry. Use this to develop a set of illustrative images that express the sentiment and actions within the poem.

Produce a set of three images that illustrate:

  • the start
  • the main story
  • the end

Type the poem out and use the images to illustrate it within your blog or learning log. Choose your font with care. It’s important to choose a font that is visually appropriate not just anonymous.


I’m not sure how famous it is but I chose Richard Cory by Edwin Arlington Robinson (1869–1935). I like my narrative poems short and with a twist in the tail.

I’m housebound for a week or so, and needed to think laterally about how to execute this exercise, hence the collage approach.

Richard Cory


The font choices:

  • for the main font I wanted something ‘classy’ to connote how Cory is viewed in public, and the importance of appearances
  • for the twist I wanted to emphasise the personal being different to the public perception, and handwriting seemed to do this

An interesting exercise.


2 thoughts on “Exercise: Photography as illustrative art

  1. Catherine 12 March 2016 / 16:15

    Wow – that’s a bit stark. Certainly gets the message over.


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